The leaves have turned and the weather has done the same – the holiday season is now upon us.   As if there weren’t enough reasons to drink wine already, the holidays offer an excellent, if somewhat challenging, opportunity to expand your wine experience and knowledge.

Family, friends, food and the general festive atmosphere offer perfect opportunity to enjoy all types of wine — everything from sparkling wine (e.g., champagne), to whites, to reds and dessert wines.   Perhaps the most challenging task will be what wine to pair with your meal, followed up only by what to bring to a (dinner) party, with the goal of helping yourself look smart while not breaking the budget.

Here are a couple of links – one courtesy of the San Francisco Chronicle/SFGate (which I find to be an excellent source for the everyday wine drinker); and the other from my new favorite blog Snooth ( – that I have found very helpful for this particular occasion.

Best of all, they’ll help you not to bust a budget and will make you look smart to boot!

Here ya go – enjoy!

From “Seeking easy answers for a Thanksgiving wine”

From  “Wines for Thanksgiving: What Works for Your Menu”