If you’re at all like me, you’ve no doubt been in a situation where you could use some quick wine advice.  Be it at a restaurant, wine shop, winery, etc., you want the ability to make an informed decision or to just know a little bit more about the wine you’re tasting or prepared to buy.   And if you’re even more  nerdy about it like me, you probably have a “cellar” (something a bit above double-wide status, but below a McMansion) of wine at home where you keep them logged in a database.  Naturally, you probably don’t have access to the database when you need it – at the point of sale.  Those days may change if you have a trusty smart phone/iTouch/iPad, where there are of course, apps for that!

Three that I currently use, or am actively testing all have the ability to search a web database of wine and any associated reviews. They also provide a personal wine database for the individual user, so it can be used for one’s cellar.  The only downside is that one cannot upload a pre-populated list (which may be hard to do on an app anyway).  These three that I’m currently using are all free and there are just a few differences among them, which are pointed out below:

Snooth – In addition to the cellar/database function, also has geo-location functionality enabling users to search for wine stores/shops in their current/local area.  Snooth also provides the ability to add personal notes, develop a wish list and the ability to search by color, price, country, varietal, etc.

Drync Wine – Provides ability to search and add notes like the others, but the ability to filter one’s cellar seems pretty cool

Wine Notes – Provides ability to search by personal cellar or web, but does not provide in-depth information about a particular wine.  If you were at the point of sale, it wouldn’t be terribly useful

Overall, I think they can be pretty useful, but like all apps, they have some shortcomings. If you have the means, check ‘em out.  In the meantime, here are a few links that actually provide reviews of such apps:

“Five Must Have iPhone Apps for Wine Lovers”:  http://on.mash.to/eg3RA

“Review: Wine Apps for the iPhone”: http://bit.ly/1eB5B5

“Top Wine Apps”: http://bit.ly/5HB5GR