Do you still pay attention to the old method of pairing wine and food?  You know the one: Red wine with red meat, white wine with fish, chicken and “the other white meat”, pork?   Probably doesn’t work that well, especially if you’ve become either a preferred red or white drinker.

So what are gonna do now?  How do you approach it?

I’ve been searching for a simple solution – a cheat sheet – that I can rely on for a long time.  And I have to tell you, they’re all different.  In fact, most of the time, I simply eschew the conventional wisdom and any particular chart I can find and just go by what I like.  And why not – I have enough experience tasting different styles and regions that I can at least make a semi-informed decision on my own.

Recently I’ve been on a kick of testing out mobile phone apps and optimized sites to get try to find such information in an unbiased way.  I think I may have found an app that has potential:

Hello Vino.

Sure, it’s been around for awhile, but all that matters is that I found it.  What find particularly useful about it is that it allows users multiple ways to search/choose wines.   For instance, if you already have a meal/food in mind and are looking for a wine match, it can do that.  If you already have a wine and are looking for food pairings, it can do that too.

There are many more search/filtering options that are available in addition to additional social functionality such as sharing and wine reviews.

If you have the means to download/use this app on your iPhone, iTouch, iPad, etc., I highly recommend it.  Not sure if it’s available for those non-Apple folks (Droid), but it should be as well.